About us

We are a young, fast growing company. Our team has earned customer trust throughout Europe through its diligent work.

Our mision

Doing what we do best - safely transporting cargo, delivering it in time and adapting to the needs of each customer.

Our plan

Our mission is to attract as many customers as possible, who are concerned not only about security of the goods being transported, but also about prompt delivery.

Our vision

At present, we export cargoes to European countries, but in the future we hope to develop our business in the whole world.


We provide various cargo transportation services, choose the most suitable for you and order bellow.


Cargo transportation by tilt semitrailers, car trains, isotherms

We transport full and partial cargoes by standard tilt semitrailers, large bogies and isotherms.

Oversized cargo transportation

We transport various equipment, reinforced concrete constructions, agricultural machinery and other oversized and heavyweight cargoes.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (ADR)

Our drivers periodically update their knowledge in special courses and have certificates necessary for the transport of dangerous goods.

Freight transportation by refrigerators, platforms, minibuses

Using refrigerators, we transport food and other goods, which are essential for temperature maintenance during transportation.

Cargo transportation by air

Fast transport and delivery with air freight to any place in the world at competitive prices - express and economy terms.

We provide warehousing services

We will offer the optimal solution for storing your cargo. The price will depend on the size of the cargo and the area of ​​the rented storage.


Every year we transport more than 14 thousand tones and drive about a 10 million kilometres.


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